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President’s Letter

Rancho El Milagro Orphange Welcome Sign
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

For those of you who do not already know, we need to alert you to an important situation that has developed at the Miracle Ranch Orphanage in Ensenada, B.C. It grieves our hearts to share this news with you.

View the March 11, 2008 Press Release

Several adults, who, as children lived at the ranch, have approached us with allegations of sexual misconduct and other abuses by some staff members, past and present, including Tony (Antonio) Hernandez Favela, Jose Hernandez Favela, John Swink and Rev. Dalton Webber.

The Miracle Ranch Orphanage Foundation Board has performed initial steps of due diligence to investigate those charges, and sadly, we find these allegations to be credible. The Board is unanimous that ongoing investigation is required, and we are still taking the necessary steps toward that end.

This Web site breaks the news of the public declaration as investigated by Mexican authorities in the criminal justice system of Baja California. Here, we are publishing the testimonies, translated from Spanish into English. The testimonies have been edited from 65 to 11 pages to make them easier to read and then posted in blog format on this site.

The Miracle Ranch Foundation Board must emphasize that no one has been charged because of these recent allegations. However, the preponderance of evidence we have heard and seen makes it impossible for the Board to stand by and do nothing. The safety and well-being of the children is our first priority, and our moral obligation is to take any action necessary to protect them. In this regard the Board has hired well respected attorneys, William C. Bollard and Enrique Gandara, in Mexico to assist the Foundation in bringing this issue to the earliest possible resolution.

We fully intend to resolve this situation and are bold enough to ask that you prayerfully continue your financial support to the Miracle Ranch Orphanage Foundation (MROF). The Foundation speaks as the trustworthy voice for the orphaned children, and all assets are purposed for use by and for the children, past and present.

As you feel led by the Lord, please consider supporting the Miracle Ranch Orphanage Foundation (MROF). Your donations will make it possible for the board to work to resolve this terrible problem at the earliest possible time. The Foundation’s number one interest is the safety, protection, and care of the children, and in order to do that, we will need your continuing help.

Currently the board believes that many contributors are not aware of the possibility that their funding for the Rancho El Milagro orphanage (Baja Children’s Fund) is being used to support the defense of the alleged criminals.

To help to protect the children living at Rancho El Milagro and bring justice for the victims, All funds should be directed to:

Miracle Ranch Orphanage Foundation
P.O. Box 6410
Anaheim, CA 92816

You may also give your donation online via PayPal by clicking on the donate button below.

This site was established to make you aware of the ongoing progress. We would like to communicate directly with you about what is happening, so please send us an email with any questions or to get updates, also please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Board and the above address.

May the Lord fulfill His promise to be a defender of the orphans. May the Lord bless you for your interest and concern for the safety and well-being of orphaned children in Ensenada.

Faithfully in Christ,

Steve Schinhofen
President, Miracle Ranch Orphanage Foundation
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About Miracle Ranch Orphanage Foundation

Warning: The testimonies on this site contain specific questions and statements of testimonies given in the environment of a court of law about sexual abuses of children at Miracle Ranch Orphanage. For the most part the alleged victims identify Tony and his brother Jose as the abusers. The alleged abuses took place over a long period of time with repeated acts on numerous children.

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