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Alleged Female Witness 01

October 19th, 2007 by Miracle Ranch

During the time I was at the orphanage(volunteered), in my opinion, I noticed that the children were yelled at, on occasion hit and on some occasions they wouldn’t be given breakfast. I made a declaration, in which I wrote down all the bad treatment the children received. (Editors note: this is a 17 page document that was found in the files of MRO) This document I presented to the Municipal DIF, in which I believe the President, of whom I do not remember the last name, took this document personally. I found out that the DIF sent this document to the District Attorney’s office, where they initiated a previous inquiry. I wrote it because I possibly noticed a little girl named “Alleged Victim”, whom I don’t recall the last name, being sexually molested by a man named Jose Hernandez Favela, who at the time worked at the ranch. (Editors Comment: Following the witnessed molestation the Alleged victim and her brothers were expelled by the Tony from the orphanage. Jose remained as a paid employee) Digg Facebook Technorati Google Windows Live Yahoo Bloglines Ask Newsvine

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Warning: The testimonies on this site contain specific questions and statements of testimonies given in the environment of a court of law about sexual abuses of children at Miracle Ranch Orphanage. For the most part the alleged victims identify Tony and his brother Jose as the abusers. The alleged abuses took place over a long period of time with repeated acts on numerous children.

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