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Media Reports

Assemblies Settles Out of Court

Friday, July 1st, 1994

Los Angeles — Five men who were sexually molested as children by a minister have reached a $1.75 million out-of-court settlement with the Assemblies of God, Inc. The victims, now aged 27 to 30, will share the settlement. The minister, the Rev. Dalton Webber Sr., admitted his guilt during the course of the suit and stated that he had been forgiven. Webber, formerly the senior pastor at Good Shepherd Assemblies of God Worship Center in Carlsbad, California, moved to Filoan Springs, Arkansas, before the suit was filed.
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American David Cathcart Was Jailed on Phony Charges and Freed in 2001 After Almost Seven Years

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

icon for podpress  William Bollard Helps to Free David Cathcart from Mexican Jail, Ojos Negro [7:42m]: Play Now | Play in Popup

It was a set-up. For on that fateful day, Cathcart was arrested on four counts of child molestation and it took almost seven years for him to be cleared of those charges. A member of St. Timothy’s Catholic Church, Cathcart originally went to Mexico to investigate a possible misappropriation of his church’s donated funds by Gabriel Diego Garcia, director of the Door of Faith orphanage in Ensenada. After seeing Garcia drive a brand new Bronco and wear what appeared to be expensive looking clothes, Cathcart demanded to see the financial records of the establishment, an act that resulted in him being promptly escorted off the property.

But two weeks later, an American volunteer from the orphanage called Cathcart at his California home, claiming one of the children had been in an automobile accident and might not live. The child’s only request was to see Cathcart. He traveled back to Mexico and into that fateful parking lot, where plainclothes police officers, armed with machine guns, arrested him.

“He was lured down,” said attorney William Bollard, in a phone interview from his Irvine office.

Six years, nine months and 1 day later, Cathcart was free. In that time six of his grandchildren were born, two sons were married, the new St. Timothy’s Catholic Church building was built with funds he had helped to raise, and his father had passed away. One would think his faith and outlook on life would have been shaken to the very core. “It makes it stronger,” Cathcart says.

On May 28th, at 10:00 pm, the order was issued for Cathcart’s release. “I got the call at 10:30 to come pick him up,” remembers Bollard, who rushed over to the prison in his truck so quickly that guards thought he was staging a prison breakout and threatened him with machine guns.

“There are hundreds of Mexican citizens who have been framed,” Cathcart reported. “Good people who can’t afford lawyers.” Yet, through it all, Cathcart believes there is a positive side to all of this. “I want to make people aware of how corrupt the Baja system is,” he explains. “How dangerous it can be to go down there just to have fun.”

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10News Looks Into Orphanage Abuse Allegations

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

10News investigators have uncovered allegations of rape, torture and possible trafficking of children at an orphanage.

Also, 10News investigators revealed the orphanage’s connection to a ministry that raises millions of dollars for orphans.

10News got a hold of this story because of a little girl’s cry for help. The girl said a man who was supposed to be taking care of her molested her.

Missing Orphans Possibly Involved In Sex Trafficking

The Oasis orphanage is in the high desert between Ensenada and San Felipe, but the story took 10News investigators to a side of Tijuana, Mexico most never get to see.

Prostitutes walk the city streets, with some as young as 8 years old.

“About $5,000 minimum price. That’s the going rate to buy a child who can be turned into a prostitute,” said Marissa Ugarte of the Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition.

Where do many of these kids come from?

Ugarte said orphanages in Mexico and other parts of the world have become feeding grounds for the sexual trafficking industry.

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KGTV - 10 : San Diego News reports on Orphan Abuse - Sun 11pm

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

A Mexican orphanage faces abuse allegations.

If you live in San Diego County, Tune in to KGTV - 10 on Sunday at 11:00 pm to watch the news broadcast of the story unfolding here on The story will show in two parts, the second half on Monday, May 18, at 11:00 pm.

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Investigative report (part 1 of 2) from 10 News on Baja Orphanage

Monday, May 19th, 2008

icon for podpress  I-Team Investigates Alleged Abuse At Baja Orphanage -Part 1 [5:43m]: Play Now | Play in Popup

Channel 10 News of San Diego sent an investigation team to report story. The special report went on the air, Sunday evening during the 11:00 pm news broadcast. The first in a two-part story on the alleged abuse at Miracle Ranch Orphanage in Baja California…

10 News reports…

Marissa Ugarte who heads up the Bilateral Safety Coalition Corridor argues Mexican agencies’ oversight of orphanages is poor at best. She says if these children were abused at any time, and Antonio and Edna even knew about it, they should not be running an orphanage today.

“We can’t just make children liars. Our duty is first to believe the child then everything else,” said Ugarte.

Visit 10 News to read the transcript. Also, visit the 10 News I-Team Blog.

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El Vigia (Noticias) - Mexican News covers the story of Rancho El Milagro

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Below is a quote from a Mexican news source on the (Miracle Ranch) el orfanato Rancho El Milagro story of alleged abuse…

En la demanda señalan a Antonio Hernández Favela, entonces director del orfanato, y a su hermano José Hernández, ambos por abuso sexual, mientras que Edna Hernández, esposa de Antonio, es acusada de ser cómplice de las arbitrariedades.

Los representantes de Baja Children’s Fundation (Fundación Infantil de Baja) también se rehusaron a creer que los “gringos” maltraten a los niños, e incluso de manera irónica algunos colaboradores dijeron que Edna es considerada como la “madre Teresa de Ensenada”.

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Swink… believes Hernandez knew that there was abuse taking place

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

icon for podpress  Accused Orphan Abusers Talk To 10News (part 2) [4:28m]: Play Now | Play in Popup

Steve Schinhofen was featured on the 10News coverage during the second part of the investigative report by Kerstin Lindquist.

Today, Steve comments… “I have been going down to Miracle Ranch Orphanage for 28 years. You can learn more about what I know has happened over the years on the Miracle Ranch Orphanage Foundation. What you will read is hard for most people to believe, but I’m sad to say, it is all true. In addition to the allegations of abuse, Antonio Hernandez has two properties in Ensenada that were bought with money from generous donors to the orphanage and intended to benefit the children, but they are in his Antonio’s name and they are his personal asset. If you are a victim of abuse that occurred at Miracle Ranch Orphanage, please let us know. We would like to connect you with your brothers and sisters and to assist in bringing you healing.

Here is what 10News reports on Monday’s 11:00 broadcast…

10News was told by the orphans that Swink was given access to young boys like Jorge by the Hernandez couple.

“Tony used to bring him to John Swinks’ camp site and he would be molested,” said former ranch staffer Steve Schinhofen.

“Do you think he should still be running an orphanage down there now,” said Lindquist. “Well if what was going on then is going on now…no, ” said Swink.

John Swink said he can not be sure Hernandez was actually physically or sexually abusing the children but he believes Hernandez knew that there was abuse taking place.

While at Miracle Ranch 10News saw no signs of abuse. Swink hasn’t stepped foot in the camp for years.

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Legion Cuts Ties with Confessed Child Molester

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Picture of Dalton WebberA former commander of American Legion Post 29 in Siloam Springs was asked to resign his membership Nov. 10 after Legionnaires learned of his 1994 admission that he molested the child of a member of his church congregation in California.

Dalton Webber, 80, of Siloam Springs had served as chaplain for the state American Legion for three years and was a historian and executive board member of the local post.

“He was our program director for the annual Family Funfest fundraiser,” said Ron Evans, commander for Post 29. “He created a lot of the flyers and tickets for the events. Dalton is a very talented man, but this admission has forced the Legion to distance ourselves from him.”

Evans said Webber served as a liaison between the Legion and the local Boy Scouts.

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Ofelia’s testimony of abuse at Rancho El Milagro

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Victim’s testimony of abuse at Miracle Ranch Orphanage, “One thing is for sure…my determination is much stronger now then ever” - Ofelia. Digg Facebook Technorati Google Windows Live Yahoo Bloglines Ask Newsvine

About Miracle Ranch Orphanage Foundation

Warning: The testimonies on this site contain specific questions and statements of testimonies given in the environment of a court of law about sexual abuses of children at Miracle Ranch Orphanage. For the most part the alleged victims identify Tony and his brother Jose as the abusers. The alleged abuses took place over a long period of time with repeated acts on numerous children.

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